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Innovative Drone Solutions


Skymetrix awarded at the 2017 European Space Week

November 7, 2017:  The 14th European Satellite Navigation Competition culminated in the Joint Awards Ceremony  of the ESNC and Copernicus Masters on 07 November 2017. As highlight of the European Space Week in Tallinn, Estonia, all 26 path-breaking winning ideas  were awarded in front of more than 500 guests from all over Europe and beyond.  Skymetrix was awarded for a drone based solution that will help city street lighting providers(i.e. GE, Philips) reduce the time and cost of performing street lighting infrastructure audits.  The technology utilizes multi-spectral aerial imagery and photogrammetry techniques to extract the valuable the necessary data.

Skymetrix presents drone based solution at Multi-GNSS Asia Conference 

October 10, 2017:  Shadi El Abdallah presented the Skymetrix Drone Based City Street Lighting Audit concept at the 9th Multi-GNSS Asia Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia.  On hand at the event were 186 participants from 19 countries to explore "Next Generation Multi-GNSS Resilient Solutions for Sustainable Development".


Drone Based Solutions

Firefighting Drone System

The FlyDragon drone system provides firefighters an added tool to effectively fight fires.

This technology can combat fires at high floors that cannot be reached by current fire truck water deployment methods.

In addition, video relayed to the user for situational awareness and the search for trapped people.


  • Access Difficult Locations

  • Rapid Response

  • Situational Awareness

  • Infrared Camera - Visibility at Night and Through Smoke

Surveillance Drone for Moving Platforms

The Shearwater fully autonomous drone system operates from moving vehicles or vessels without the need for a dedicated pilot OR extensive installed hardware, including autonomous precision takeoff and landing on moving platforms.


  • Police Event Surveillance

  • Harbor/Port Security Patrol

  • VIP Convoy Support

  • Perimeter Security

More Info

City Lighting Infrastructure Audit

Performing a lighting infrastructure audit for a city is costly and labor intensive.

SkyMetrix's drone based solution uses automation to quickly and cost effectively extract data for each light point in the area of interest; results for each light-point:

  • GPS location

  • Lighting type


  • Providing municipalities with insights into their assets.

  • Helping lighting providers to quickly identify potential sales opportunities.



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Rapid advancements in drone technology have led to a wide range of powerful use cases.

SkyMetrix leverages the drone platform to provide innovative solutions that allow our clients to unlock valuable outcomes within their business.

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